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IMM learning experiences combine hands-on instruction on industry-standard tools with in-depth exploration of the cultural impact of digital technology. IMM emphasizes the process as well as the product. Along the way, students acquire valuable collaboration and project management skills that benefit them in a variety of career paths. These pages provide helpful information about degree requirements and offerings in the Interactive Multimedia Major and Minor programs of study:

What is IMM?

Interactive Multimedia is an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts program that embraces technology as a creative tool to express, communicate, empower, and entertain. Our core curriculum provides a foundation of skills and knowledge in six areas of study: animation & visual storytelling, game design, digital fabrication, music technology, creative coding, and culture & technology. Our ever-evolving mix of intermediate and advanced courses allows students to explore opportunities where established disciplines intersect — such as the art, storytelling, sound, and programming that weave into video games — as well as the possibilities presented by new technology, such as digital fabrication and augmented reality.

The IMM major is designed to articulate with other programs of study at TCNJ, so that students who are inspired to dig deeper into a particular subject can pursue minors or even second majors in related areas such as Graphic Design, Journalism, Music, Computer Science, Communication Studies, or Business. Our graduates have built successful careers as web and mobile developers, video game artists, animators and filmmakers, exhibit designers, project managers, teachers, user experience designers, and related professions. They’ve gone on to graduate study in a range of fields including animation, computer science, education, business, theater technology, and music technology.

Our diverse and dynamic curriculum encourages current students to be alert to new opportunities and pursue new interests while they’re at TCNJ; likewise, our graduates leave the College confident in the mindset of lifelong learning, equipped to adapt to a professional landscape that’s always shifting.

Amazing Internships!

Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Goldman Sachs, NFL Films, Amazon, National Sawdust, Canon, American Museum of Natural History, Lakehouse Recording Studios, MTV Networks: IMM students have landed some amazing internships. Faculty members directly mentor students into these opportunities, from small studios to large companies. We hold mock interviews, review resumes, and monitor job listings. We write recommendation letters and make phone calls. Students find all the support they need to get that important first gig in their field. Peruse current offerings on our Internships and Opportunities list.

Purposeful Learning

Be a creative force for community change, while learning to design, develop, and deliver original projects for local clients. Working in teams, students use emerging technologies to address real needs: interactive art installations in downtown Trenton, multimedia platforms for a local farmer’s market. It’s a career-building experience. And it’s an eye-opening lesson that the desire to continually learn, evolve, and adapt to new innovations—from devices to design trends—is your most valuable asset in this rapidly changing field.

Fulfilling Careers

Success! Our graduates turn exceptional skills into exceptional careers. IMM alumni hold positions as software engineers, app developers, animators, and game designers. They are illustrators, photographers, and videographers. They have launched their own startups and their own studios. And they enjoy great careers with an array of companies: Nickelodeon, CBS, NBCUniversal Media, Etsy, Philadelphia Eagles, MakerBot, Target, Johnson and Johnson, HUGE, Arkadium, and more. Graduate schools snap up our students, too: New York University, Columbia University, School of Visual Arts, SMU Guildhall program in Game Design, and Savannah College of Art and Design, to name a few.