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Full-Time Faculty

Chris Ault

aultAssociate Professor

Professor Ault’s teaching, research and creative efforts span a range of subjects, from internet art to user experience design to digital media production and literacy. He is also a consultant in the area of web accessibility. Previously, Ault was a researcher and adjunct professor in NYU’s pioneering Interactive Telecommunications Program. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas, and a master’s from ITP at NYU.





Warren Buckleitner

buckleitner Assistant Professor

Dr. Buckleitner comes to IMM with degrees in early childhood and elementary education, including a doctorate in Educational Psychology from Michigan State University where he studied how interface design can influence engagement. He is Editor of Children’s Technology Review — an ongoing survey of commercial apps, games and digital toys and founder of both the Mediatech Foundation and the Dust or Magic Institute. He coordinates the Annual BolognaRagazzi Digital Prize and the KAPi (Kids at Play Interactive) Prize at CES. For ten years, he covered children’s tech for the New York Times.

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Josh Fishburn

fishburnAssistant Professor

Professor Fishburn comes to TCNJ from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he held the position of Assistant Professor of Media Arts & Game Development in the Department of Communication. He brings with him a passion for technology, the connection between audio and visual movement in games, and the expressive power of networks in games and art. His work is demonstrated in a variety of media, from video and paper-based games to networked game installations.


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 John Kuiphoff

kuiphoff Associate Professor

Professor Kuiphoff is a developer and designer who specializes in web development, interactive art and physical computing. His previous experience working in Instructional Technology has led to the development of the “Social Syllabus” project, a tool aimed to integrate social media into the classroom. He holds a Master’s degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program.


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Teresa Nakra

nakraChair, Department of Interactive Multimedia
Associate Professor, Departments of Music & Interactive Multimedia

Dr. Nakra teaches courses in Music Technology, Music Theory, and Interactive Multimedia. She runs Immersion Music Inc., a non-profit organization that provides technical solutions for performing arts organizations, museums, and schools. Her interactive conducting experiences (You’re the Conductor and Virtual Maestro) have been showcased in public venues across the United States and Europe. Teresa completed her doctorate at the MIT Media Laboratory; her dissertation project, the Conductor’s Jacket, was included in the MIT150 Exhibition, celebrating 150 years of the institute’s history. She recently served as a fact witness in a case involving the Nintendo Wii video game platform at the International Trade Commission.


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Kim Pearson

pearson Associate Professor

Kim Pearson is an Associate Professor of Journalism and Interactive Multimedia. She holds an AB in Politics from Princeton University and an MA in Journalism from New York University. Her research on computing diversity and civic engagement has garnered support from Microsoft and the National Science Foundation. She has also done freelance reporting and blogging for various outlets, including and the Online Journalism Review. Pearson teaches various courses on writing for interactive multimedia, news games,interactive storytelling and race, gender and the news.


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Philip Sanders

sanders Associate Professor

Professor Sanders is a digital artist, educator and curator. His first interactive computer gallery installations were in 1979; exhibitions include SIGGRAPH, ISEA, Boston CyberArts, Images du Futur, the Kitchen, the Knitting Factory and the Alternate Media Center. He is co-founder and curator of RYO, an experimental art and technology artists’ space in the East Village from 1984-1992, with shows including the first NY SIGGRAPH gallery show and the EVTV: East Village TV series. Sanders was a juror for Web Sites d’Or in Montreal and the 2006 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery in Boston. He has given presentations and been panel chair at the College Art Association, the New Media Consortium and SIGGRAPH; is the founder and first president of the NY chapter of the Alias Gobal Users Association, and the founder and current president of the NJ Autodesk Animation Users Group. He is co-founder and the first coordinator of IMM.


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Adjunct Faculty

Kevin Cassel

cassel Adjunct Assistant Professor

Kevin Cassel is an instructional designer who teaches Technical Writing and Interactive Storytelling. As a writer, musician, and theater artist raised in the wild by computer scientists and engineers, Kevin brings a broad frame of reference to his work. His career in interactive multimedia has included stints as a developer, project manager, writer, editor, and ID. In his work, Kevin focuses on storytelling, meaningful interactivity, and applying research to practice to create effective, engaging learning experiences. Kevin holds a Bachelor’s in English and History from the University of Delaware and a Master’s in Playwrights You’ve Never Heard Of from Villanova University.





Matthew DiMatteo

dimatteo Adjunct Assistant Professor

Professor DiMatteo is a graduate of TCNJ’s Interactive Multimedia department and earned his master’s degree in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. His interests include game design and development, web development, game music composition, and creative writing. He currently works as the Director of Publishing at Children’s Technology Review in Flemington, NJ.






Chris Hallberg

man Adjunct Assistant Professor

Professor Hallberg started programming on his graphing calculator as a sophomore in high school and hasn’t stopped since, earning a BA in Interactive Multimedia from TCNJ followed by a master’s in Computer Science from Villanova University, where he currently works as a web developer. He enjoys playing and making games of every sort, and you can find him with the TCNJ contingent of the Global Game Jam every January.

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Claire Smuga

woman Adjunct Assistant Professor

Claire Smuga graduated from TCNJ in 2002 with a BFA in graphic design, which led to a job designing custom cabinetry, which led to a position teaching architecture. This, in turn, led to her attend New York University to receive a Master of Science degree in the field of Digital Imaging. She has been teaching 3D animation and design ever since.

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