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TCNJ’s Department of Interactive Multimedia receives the 2019 Mildred Dahne Award

TCNJ’s Department of Interactive Multimedia receives the 2019 Mildred Dahne Award

The Department of Interactive Multimedia (IMM) was thrilled to receive the Mildred Dahne Award in May 2019 from the TCNJ Faculty Senate. This award is given annually for department or program excellence, and includes a cash prize. It recognizes outstanding achievement in at least three of six categories: Teaching Excellence, Academic Excellence, Department Impact, Innovation and Creativity, Student Involvement, and Service to Profession.

The Faculty Senate award committee reported that it was impressed by the following IMM accomplishments:

“The department boasts an interdisciplinary breadth and a diverse and dynamic curriculum allowing students to adapt to a professional landscape that is always shifting and build successful careers as web and mobile developers, video game artists, animators and filmmakers, project managers, teachers, instructional designers, and related professions. Students have completed internships at DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, CBS, Amazon, Oxford Communications, Princeton Partners, and Trip Advisors, to name a few. The department is consistently willing to develop new courses, retool current courses, and revive dormant courses in response to new opportunities or student demand. A great example is the creation of Mini-courses, quarter-unit workshops with pass/unsatisfactory grading contributing to students’ elective courses. The department has also had an impact in the local communities, specifically Trenton, with its Trenton Makes Music project and Design Perspectives for Interactive Multimedia course, both of which are multidisciplinary in nature. Faculty are also engaged in mentored research activities with students as evidenced by several MUSE-funded projects. The Department of Interactive Multimedia is an inspiring example of dedication to its students, academic excellence, and outreach to the surrounding communities.”