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IMM Spring Senior Showcase 2019

IMM Spring Senior Showcase 2019

On Friday, May 10th, the IMM seniors showed their thesis projects at the Spring Showcase. The event was catered by Mexican Mariachi Grill and had music by WSTR DJ Ms. Sue Ms. Sue throughout the evening.


Later in the evening, there was an IMM alumni panel followed by an elaborate dessert/candy bar reception. This year’s panel was moderated by Prof. Warren Buckleitner and consisted of Jillian Festa ’18, Web Designer at BounceX; Al Gaillard ’14, Machine Shop Associate at Princeton University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Ryan Laux ’17,Video Content Creator and Motion designer at MWWPR; and Dom Portera ’17, Creative Technologist at Future Colossal.

Cat Nater preparing for the showcase
Nick Laureano placing stickers for the showcase
Chris Guest preparing for the showcase
Dr. Nakra preparing for the senior showcase
Prof. Ault preparing for the senior showcase
DJ Ms. Sue Ms. Sue (image courtesy of Ms. Sue)
Some projects displayed throughout the night included a fashion show organized by Jawan Turner which consisted of his designs: “The XPERIENCE Project is the name of my clothing line that addresses issues that most African American’s face in their daily life. I use art and fashion to approach the topics of discrimination, racism, colorism and police brutality.”
Other projects shown throughout the event include the projects: “A Rainbow of Music“, a visual music learning tool which will help users differentiate between pitches and instrumentation by Miranda DiGregorio; “Discover: TCNJ“, An interactive story and scavenger hunt that bridges the virtual world and the real world of TCNJ by Michael Schwankert; “Kinect Rhythm Game“, a game that utilizes the Xbox Kinect to show an avatar on screen, the avatar then has to keep the objects that floating like a balloon in rhythm with the music by Phillip Antwi-Buosiako.  Check out the IMM Senior Show page to view all projects that were on display throughout the evening.


IMM seniors present their projects throughout the AIMM hallways
IMM alumni panel
“The XPERIENCE Project” clothing line by Jawan Turner
Karin Flannery’s “DIY Music” project
Steven DiBlasi’s “Necessity Apparel Rebrand – Pop Up Shop”
“Herb and Spice advice” by Kelly Endres