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IMM Faculty Teresa Nakra’s Talk on “Lessons from the Future”

IMM Faculty Teresa Nakra’s Talk on “Lessons from the Future”

On Wednesday April 3rd at 7pm, Nakra will be giving a talk to the MIT Club of Princeton. The presentation will be in the Library Auditorium and is open the the public. The talk is titled “Lessons from the Future: what MIT taught me about Music, Emotion, Creativity, and Learning (and how to pass it forward).

For the past 14 years, Teresa Marrin Nakra has been teaching at The College of New Jersey, where she chairs the Department of Interactive Multimedia and holds a joint appointment in the Department of Music. She has taught courses across a wide range of topics, including Audio Signal Processing, Electronic Music, Interactive Music Programming, Scoring for Interactive Media, Composing Ambient Soundscapes, Audio Recording & Production, among others. Recognized internationally as an expert in music technology, Teresa has made important research contributions in the study of musical expression and gesture.

From 1994-1999 she undertook graduate studies at the MIT Media Lab, where she earned M.S. and Ph.D. degrees and served as a Research Assistant on fellowships from IBM, Motorola, and Interval Research. At MIT, she worked closely with Professors Tod Machover, Rosalind Picard, Marvin Minsky, and John Harbison. She appeared in 160 performances of Tod Machover’s Brain Opera on four continents and served as a musical coach for Penn & Teller.