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Khem Animation Film Festival (KAFF)

The KAFF is an independent event putting together an international competition of talented filmmakers and groundbreaking stories, from traditional hand drawing to the new century techniques of design. There are nine (9) categories for short animated film submissions [Best Animated Short; Best Film, 2D (Short); Best Film, 3D (Short); Best Sound; Best Music; Best Student Film (Short); Best Story; Best Design and Best Animated Game Trailer].

The deadline to submit a film is March 8th 2019 and the event takes place on April 13th 2019 in Newark NJ. To learn more/apply, visit the website here.


Panel Discussions / Workshops

  1. Behind the scenes of making a Blockbuster movie/series
  2. Khemetic Signs and Symbols in Pop Culture
  3. Black Women in Comics
  4. African Origins of Superheroes
  5. How to create a superpowered video with your IPhone.
  6. Finding Our Heroes and Our Voices
  7. So you want to create a comic book?
  8. Using Comics to teach STEM.
  9. Developing your own Video Game.


  1. Anime / Animation Short Film Official Selections
  2. Anime/Animation student selections

Additional Programming:

  • Video Game Development Seminar
    • Game developers explain the process of creating games on multiple platforms.
  • STEM Lab
    • Explore 3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Create your own slime. You can learn how to make slime quickly and easily with our basic slime recipes. They include all the most popular slimes that kids love to make including the fluffy slime, saline slime, crunchy slime, fishbowl slime, soft clay slime, and even glow in the dark slime.
  • Art Gallery
    • Artists/ Students will showcase their animation artwork, comic strips, comic art and character creations in our Art gallery.