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Intern/Assistant – BSIDE ARTIST GROUP

BSIDE ARTIST GROUP, an artist management company, is looking for an energetic social-media savvy intern/assistant to help with all aspects of social media (IG, blogging, FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and graphic design (press kits, web page, logos, etc.)

The position would also involve some light administrative work, such as emailing, organizing computer files, and note taking at meetings.

The job could continue from the academic year into the summer. Hours are flexible, and assistant should also be available, if necessary, on weekends. Much of the work could be done on campus.

Job start date: 2/01/2019

End date: 2/01/2020

Hours per week: 6-8

Compensation: negotiable

Additional qualifications:

*Full knowledge of all software and online resources required in graphic, web design and social media

* Excellent time management skills, ability to multi-task and meet all deadlines

* Attention to detail and inclination to take initiative

* Strong communication skills, particularly verbal

* Strong sense of professionalism coupled with high degree of creativity

Company contact:

Connie Johnson