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Will you climb up the social ladder? Will you get LIKED… or not? If you wave hello to people at your level, they’ll like you on social media and give you points. Controls: Arrow Keys to Move Around WASD to Look Around Spacebar to Wave

Jam year:
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies:
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes:
Adobe Photoshop – Textures / Art Blender – 3D Modeling / Animation Autodesk Maya – 3D Modeling Unity 3D – Game Design / Development in C# Logic Pro X – Audio
Installation Instructions:

1.  Download the compressed folder and unzip it.

2.  Open the folder in Unity3D

3.  Open Scene “Main” from the “Scenes” folder in the library.

4.  Press the play button to play the game, or build/run it.


Tyler Philburn:  Main Programming, Sound Design, Game Design

Rebecca Popper: 3D Modeling, Art Assets, Game Design