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GoldenBell Valiard Trailer


To promote our upcoming release of the illustrated novel, The Valiard Mansion, we are creating a hand-drawn, 2D animated trailer in the tradition we all know and love.


This full-color, animated trailer will span sixty (60) seconds and feature various pivotal scenes from the novel. It will have a traditional score as well as voice-acting. Production will start in June, 2016. The timeline for finishing this trailer is three (3) months.

Positions available below!


We are looking for talented 2D animators to bring the cast of The Valiard Mansion to life. Although these characters are based in an illustrated novel, they have already been designed with animation in mind, and are therefore designed to be easily redrawn.

Leading animators and in-between animators will be required.

Students are welcome, as Golden Bell Entertainment provides college credit.

Strong draftsmanship is compulsory. We need animators who can adapt their style to the project at hand. However, model sheets and key drawings will be provided as a guide, and there will be a separate Cleanup Stage to cover any further style deficiencies.

Economy is the name of the game here. Everything will be animated at 12 frames per second. The project will require minimal dialogue animation, and one action scene with the female lead running towards the camera.

Animators will be cast to characters if no preference is indicated. An animator can animate more than one character if he/she wishes and if his/her schedule allows.

To learn more about each character that will be animated see the bottom of this PDF.


The trailer will contain at least two scenes with fires blazing. We therefore require one (1) animator who can animate fire.


The trailer will contain approximately 30 shots taking place in about 10 locations, mostly the interiors and exteriors of Victorian homes. The most challenging of these will involve an 18th-century mansion, of which an establishing shot of the building and a long shot of a lavish ballroom will be required.

The locations have been blocked out and visual reference will be provided, but initiative on the part of the artist will be welcomed.


To apply for one of these positions, kindly e-mail a link to your show-reel/portfolio to Marc@GoldenBell.TV
With the Subject Line: Valiard Trailer Application – [POSITION] – [FULL NAME]

You can be as formal or informal as you like. We’re just looking for a fun group of artists to work with. Past experience is not a requirement. We only care if you can do the job.

Valiard Trailer Application Revised