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Interactive Multimedia Student Showcase

Interactive Multimedia Student Showcase

Come meet the inventive students and experience the bright ideas that illuminate the Interactive Multimedia department at the College of New Jersey. The event will feature a diverse exhibition of capstone projects from IMM seniors.

Time: Friday, April 29 5:00pm-10:00pm
Location: Art and Interactive Multimedia (AIMM) Building

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Senior Projects

The IMM Senior Showcase is an annual event highlighting our graduating seniors and their innovative thesis projects. The projects utilize the latest tools, respond to current trends, and reflect the evolving curriculum of the department and the diverse interests of our students — including animation, video, electronics, art, design, coding, music, games and more. Please browse through the site to learn a little about the students and their work. Better yet, meet the students in person and demo the projects first-hand on the evening of April 29.