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Hi. I’m Nivi.

Hi. I’m Nivi.

I applied for the user experience (UX) design Internship at Amazon and got an email a month or so later. After a few interviews, I was offered the position.

I was struck by how incredibly smart and helpful everyone was. I could stop by anyone’s desk and get a quick critique on my work. I received great advice many times.

Many products on Amazon are from third-party sellers who use Amazon’s platform, Seller Central, to manage their online business. My team designed the experiences sellers have there.

I held a design lab, bringing together project stakeholders to brainstorm and tease out requirements. It was great experience to lead that.

I miss the weather. It was surprisingly perfect.

At TCNJ, I created the TCNJ Wellness App to give students ready access to all the resources in the college for mental health. Winning the Polansky Fellowship supported my work.

I want to revolutionize the way people interact with each other and their environments.

I start as a UX designer at Amazon the first week of June.

To grow, it’s necessary to do unfamiliar things and be uncomfortable. Lots of things felt scary, but I got past that initial fear. I worked hard and put myself out there.

I’m excited about learning how to survive on another coast alone. —Niveda Harishankar ’16, interactive multimedia major



“Striving to distill simple, intuitive, and beautiful solutions from complex problems.” —Harishankar on LinkedIn